JTO Disc 2








“Jazz Tap Originals”

A Collection of Live Performances (1979-2012)

Disc 2 Percussion Mania

African, Latin Jazz, Samba, Worldbeat, Body Music ™

44 minutes

© JTE 2013 All Rights Reserved


Sam Weber, Jerry Kalaf, Keith Terry, Paul Arslanian, Camden Richman, Fred Strickler, Derick K. Grant, Becky Aebersold, Channing Cook Holmes, Theo Saunders, Doug Walter, Eric Ajaye

44 minutes

A film by Lynn Dally

Lynn Dally & Gayle Hooks, Producing Editor: Cari Ann Shim Sham*, Artistic Director: Lynn Dally, Music Director: Jerry Kalaf

© JTE 2013 All Rights Reserved

Jazz Tap Ensemble extends recognition and deep appreciation to the many dancers, musicians, videographers, designers, funders, managers, and presenters whose creativity have made this anthology possible.